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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishing I Could Change

This is not dedicated to any particular person. I was feeling down and scared
Getting left behind
No one understanding
No one caring are my fears
I had a dream I was lost
No one tried to find me
No one listened understood

Feeling left out
Feeling like no one understand
No one can't hear me when i'm screaming to be heard

Wishing I could change
Wishing I could make it better
Wishing for another chance

My fears,
People laugh, tease, misjudge, misunderstand me

I hide this pain in my heart
Making sure no one sees my hurt
Trying so hard to fit in
To cover the scars
Trying so hard to be liked by you

Hoping now
People understand, people miss, people hear me
Forgetting all,
All the pain and hurt
I learned to hide inside
Buried deep in my heart

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